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Pawsome Pet Toys Cat Wool Ball
Not yet rated
Wool balls for cats and small dogs. Hand felted to be firm and durable with good bounce.
Pawsome Pet Toys Natural Cat Wool Ball w/ Hemp Cord
Not yet rated
5 cat toy set including 3 hand-felted wool balls and 2 balls with added excitement element - hemp braided cord tail. Soft yet rigid balls make great toy whether your cat prefers chewing the toys or "clawing".
Pawsome Pet Toys Handmade Rabbit Fur Ball Cat Toy
Not yet rated
Play together with this natural rabbit fur ball and monkeyfist ball cat toy. Versatile toy to have more fun. Rabbit fur pom pom balls are filled with natural wool. Cats are natural hunters, and rabbit fur will awaken the predator within in the comfort of
SnugArooz Kitty Seahorse 2pk w/ Catnip
Not yet rated
What's better then one seahorse for your cat? Two seahorses of course! Introducing SnugArooz Cat toys! This fun, crinkly 2pk of 4" cat toys (with catnip) will bring endless hours of fun to your kitty. Toys contain catnip and are made from recycled water
Dezi & Roo Cat Bouncy Ball
Not yet rated
These veterinarian designed and handcrafted in the USA balls bounce high and have tails that wiggle. They come in an enticing plastic fishbowl countertop display of 25 brightly colored balls. Your customers and their cats will find these fun toys IRRESIST
Ciao Gatto Avogatto Cat Toy
Not yet rated
Ciao Gatto Avogatto is made using 100% wool felt, 100% wool stuffing and organic catnip.
Dezi & Roo Wiggly Ping
Not yet rated
These COLORFUL and AMAZING small plastic balls are easily batted across slick surfaces. They rattle as they roll and the corkscrew tail movement mimics live prey as it shoots across the room. Innovative and unique, they are FUN for cats of all ages. Handc
Yeow Catnip Rainbow
Not yet rated
100% Organic Catnip
From the Field Mini-Max Silver Vine Sticks
Not yet rated
Silver Vine Sticks are the natural stems from the Silvervine plant. It promotes your cat’s dental health by exfoliating the plaque on their teeth while they chew on the bark.
From the Field Shae The Flutterby
Not yet rated
A cool toy made with natural cork and natural duck feathers. It flutters when tossed around.
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