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Houseclub Catnip Toy
Not yet rated
Playful cat toys made with organic catnip!
Crochet Kitty Phat Cat’s Kickin’ Shark
Not yet rated
Our Sharks were a big hit at CATCON!!!!! Read why

Phat Cat’s line was created for those bigger breeds that lose their cat toys in their own fur!

Phat Cat’s Kickin’ Shark is big and strong enough for muscular back hind legs to kick it as much as they
Yoga Cat Mat
Not yet rated
This unique cat mat also offers something that can’t be found on a human’s yoga mat- a special kitty yoga prop made with sisal rope and a catnip stuffed natural twine ball.
Munchiecat Catnip Maki Rolls
Not yet rated
This 4-Pc set includes maki toys each and potent catnip,This set includes toys that crinkles and jingles too.
Xenotees Mini Cat Nap Bed Pillow
Not yet rated
These mini cat pillows are hand-sewn and hand-printed, and contain a small amount of organic catnip. They are made of durable pre-washed white denim - stuffed well to provide ample support. Details: 100% Cotton / Polyester Fill // Made in the USA // /
Dezi & Roo Cloud Nine Silvervine Sampler Pot
Not yet rated
What's better than catnip? Silvervine! It is a powerful cat attractant that brings scent enrichment to cats' lives and makes them happy.
Dezi & Roo - Glow In The Dark Wiggly Pong
Not yet rated
These fun bouncy balls that GLOW IN THE DARK and have tails that wiggle. Designed by a feline veterinarian, and handcrafted in the USA, they are great for nightime fun and shenanigans. Your cats will find them IRRESISTIBLE!
Dezi & Roo Wiggly Wand Cat Toy
Not yet rated
Designed to drive CATS WILD, the Wiggly Wand Worm cat toy mimics "live" prey with its realistic movement. The worm combines a polyester tail with natural paper strings making it unique and unlike any other wand attachment toy.
For Mew- Crisps Catnip Kicker Cat Toy
Not yet rated
Crisps are fun catnip toys with a crispy surprise to give that wrapper sound and feel. Small toys that kitty can toss and carry about.
Americat -Cat Toy Ball
Not yet rated
Cats need safe playtime to satisfy their natural hunting instincts, exercise, and relieve stress. Americat Company cat toy balls are handcrafted in the USA from simply 2 ingredients: eco-friendly, recycled cardboard and non-toxic adhesive. Designed for ca
Americat -Scratching Pad Cat
Not yet rated
Cat lovers feel the difference in quality when they pick up an Americat Company scratching pad. That's because we use a durable, double-wall corrugated cardboard (versus the single-wall version used in most scratchers). Handcrafted in the USA, Americat Co
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