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Lucy & Co. Poop Bag Holder
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Does your dog walk around like they think they're the sh*t?! Finally a poop bag holder of equal swag. Sh*t happens and now it happens in our favorite prints and patterns. Made from Lucy & Co.'s signature neoprene, you can match your poop bag holder to you
Houndswag The Dooloop
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The dooloop is a patent-pending leash accessory to hold used poop bags when you're out on a walk. With one hand you simply slide bags on and off, your hands are free and your pockets empty. Dooloops are made in Maine of bio-degradable non-toxic plastic an
Four Paws Wee-Wee Pads 7 CT
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Wee-Wee® Pads are quilted for super absorbency
Made with a 5-ply leak proof Floor Armor® System, Wee-Wee® pads provide the leak proof, absorbing performance from a top quality brand
Treated to attract puppies when nature calls, Wee-Wee® Pads offer dogs