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Petstages Ring Track

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Product description

  • DOUBLE THE FUN: Roll and chase for hours of feline fun, the Petstages Ring Track offers two ways to play. Lay it flat on for traditional track ball play or turn it up on its side for next level fun as it rolls away as kitty plays making a great game of chase!
  • CONTAINS CATNIP: The Petstages Ring Track was made for fun and contains catnip to arouse cats natural instincts and help keep kitties engaged and entertained while playing!
  • EYES ON THE PRIZE: Designed with 2 play positions, the Ring Track cat track stimulates you cat’s senses and excites their mind as they work to chase, bat and play with the jingling, catnip ball.
  • MEOWSICAL FUN: Jingle sound ball keeps cats engaged and elevates playtime and helps promote the mental and physical exercise cats need to stay healthy and happy
  • ALL DAY PLAY: Play is essential to every cat's happiness. That's why we designed the Ring Track cat track to help stimulate play and allow cats to use their natural instincts in appropriate play.